Friday, June 12, 2009

Asian squatting...

I know this isn't exactly related to Sicily, but I just found this hilarious so I'm going to blog about this instead. I'm not sure how many people are familiar with the idea of "Asian Squats", but it's very much like a basic squat except the following criteria must be met:
1. The entire lenght of the feet must in full contact with the ground.
2. The 2 feet must be in parallel to each other (no plies~)
3. One's body must be fulling lowered so that the hamstring and the posterior calf make contact.
4. One cannot extend the arms forward to balance the body.

So I have a theory that most Asian people can do this due to the squatting style toilets that are prevalent in Asia. It was actually not until last year that I realized that there were many people in the states who cannot do this. So Dan, Jess, and I had some time to kill at the park yesterday, and we began talking about the Asian squats, which became a 30 minute conversation / demonstration session. To my pleasant surprise both of them were quite proficient in the art of Asian squats. Here's a picture taken just for the pure absurdity of the conversation that went on.
Please try this at home and tell me if you have had success with this.

Gelato of the day: Tiramisu (sadly, not as good as I had hoped...)

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  1. My husband is Chinese. He and his entire family can do this even though they have never used a squatting style toilet.