Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yeah Beach!

My first weekend in Palermo, so off to Mondello beach we went, squeezed onto the bus like paninis. Located 12 km east of the city, Mondello is a popular day trip spot for Plaermoans on the summer weekends.
The 30 minute bus ride was a bit unpleasantly squished, offset by BOs that seem to pervade many Italian men for some reason. The beach itself was beeeautifully colored. As expected, it was packed with sunbathers. I didn’t see anyone putting on sunblock; people were slathering on oil while we poured sunscreens onto ourselves. Dan, Jess, and I are religious sunscreen applicators- we apply frequently and meticulously. There were rows after rows of changing huts on the beach, which seemed like it was a waste of space because it was taking up room away from the already narrow strip of sand. We laid in the sun for about 2 hours. The rest of the town seemed very residential with beautiful vacation houses. And of course, we had to have more gelato!!! It's apparently very popular to eat gelato on a bun. The gelato here was mind blowing. By far the best gelato I had so far (as you can see from my expression...double fisting ice cream?) The northern strip of the area offered an AMAZING view of the water, island, and sail boats. The panorama was so breathtaking that it instantaneously lifted my mood. (The pictures unfortunately do not do it justice, but you may notice the man wearing the speedo from afar, it is definitely worn here, although to my disappointment, not to the same degree of frequency that one would think.) We had some beer and bites to eat at the outdoor restaurant by the beautiful water - it was lovely -

Gelato of the day: Pistachio (really popular in Italy - reeally good)
I also realized that I've had gelato 6 days out of the 7 days I've been here...this cannot go on


  1. Can't wait to meet you is the beer there? Is it really only 2 bucks?

  2. 相変わらず変わってないね!