Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sicilian Foood

So I know there was concern that I would fill up my blogs with nothing but food, but I thought my full course dining experience deserved a blog of its own. Our wonderful professor from school came to visit Palermo for a week and took us out to a nice restaurant called Focacceria & Francisco. Most of the restaurant is composed of cute outdoor seatings in front of a church. I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant in all my excitement about food...
So a full course meal here consists of an appetizer aka "antipasti" which literally means before pasta, primi (usually a pasta dish), secondi (main course - usually meat or fish), followed by salad, followed by dessert. We each tried a bit of the different types of appetizer. My personal favorite was prosciutto with melon, which I've never had before.The melon was so ripe and sweet, which was even more enhanced by the salty prosciutto. Seafood is specialty in Sicily, especially tuna, sardines, and swordfish. The swordfish I had was amaaazing, so tender and fresh that I ate the whole thing even after scarfing down 3 finger sandwiches, and a plate of gnocchi. Apparently, they do not do doggie bags here because the waiter looked us funny as some of us tried to bring our leftovers home.

And during dessert, one of the highlights of my trip happened. I wish my writing skills were good enough to do this absolutely hilarious story justice, but alas, it sadly pales compare
d to reality. And maybe it will remain one of those "you had to be there" stories. Nonetheless, here it goes:
So after the
meal, the waiter brought us a table full of amazing looking desserts to choose from, some of which included velvety chocolate cake, fresh strawberries arranged in delicate bowls drizzled with fudge, tiramisu, etc etc etc. Because we were sooo full, we decided to share one dessert and Jess chose a dessert for us. She could have chosen any one of those amaaazingly rich and yummy desserts, but what did she choose? WATERMELON JELLO… Yes, that's right, a pale pink looking collagen that wiggles. I mean, of all the Sicilian pastries and desserts like Sicilian cannoli, or Bronte’s pistachio mousse, or limoncello cream with fresh strawberries to choose from, really??! I quickly tried to hide my facial expression, which Dan promptly called me out on. And for the next 15 minutes, we had such a good laugh over her choice that tears were coming out of our eyes. I had to desperately concentrate on the fern in the street to stop myself from laughing. Oh Jess, you are awesome! And in honesty, the jello was a Palermo specialty according to our waiter, it did look fancy, and the texture was a bit more unique than ahem…j.e.l.l.o…
a pogo!
Gelato of the day: Fior di latte (which I think it's like cream / milk) and Fragola (strawberry - a bit too tart for my taste)

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