Thursday, July 9, 2009

Romantic evening with Jess

Jess and I went on a date to Cefalu the other day. Featured as the backdrop of the famous movie Cinema Paradiso, Cefalu offers a tasted of the small town life. We quickly realized just how small the town was when in our 15 minute walk from the train station, we managed to overshoot the entire center of town! So instead, we climbed the town's gorge La Rocca, aka THE ROCK. (reminds me of the movie). After huffing and puffing for 40 minutes to the top, we arrived to see the ruins of its castle and the panoramic view of the town.
The orange houses constrasted against the blue ocean is a view unique to Cefalu. But other than THE ROCK (I just love saying that, hehehe) and its main cathedral, there was NOTHING else to do...and going with the whole theme of this summer: IDLENESS, Jess and I struggled to waste the rest of the day in the town. We sunbathed for an hour or two until I couldn't withstand the sun anymore. We then walked through the entire town three times!! Finally, at 5pm, we couldn't putz away the time any more so we went to dinner at a beautiful restaurant which offered seating that jetted into the ocean. And of course, there was not a single soul in the restaurant. So Jess and I had our romantic dinner with the entire restaurant to ourselves. At point, I swear even the waitor had forgotten that we were in the restaurant. But nontheless, dinner was lovely, and the sunset after dinner was a great conclusion to the day.

Look at all those empty seats! Awww, Jess, you shouldn't have reserved the entire restaurant just for us ;)

One of Sicily's local specialty, Pasta con Ricci (Pasta with Sea Urchin) I think it was Uni, reminded me of Japanese food.

Gelato of the day: Bacio

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