Thursday, July 16, 2009

Viva Viola!

Very early on in our stay in Palermo, we couldn't help but notice the purple sensation that was sweeping over all of Sicily. Believe me when I say, purple is the new IN!! It is particularly popular with the guys, who love to sport the monochromatic theme of all purple from head to toe. My personal favorite are the purple moccasins. Soooo...when in Rome, Dan, Jess, and I decided to join all of Sicily in the purple madness. I think Dan was a particular hit with the ladies ;) So my dear friends, why not pick up a purple shirt the next time you are shopping and bring the purple craze back to the states??

The color got a bit distored here, but trust me, it's PURPLE

Purple Hump day!
Check out the Purple Moccasins

Gelato of the day: Yogurt (it kind of taste like the Chinese yogurt, very refreshing)


  1. hontou ni fuku no sensu ha kuni ga tigauto

    nippon kara miruto hokano kunino fuku ha
    sinpulu sugiru kara hen ni mieru .
    gyakumo arundaroune.
    nippon no fukuha takoku kara miruto hen darou .

    ato,mou amerika?
    nimotu okuritainn dakedo maeno jyusyode daijyoubu?

    mata rennraku sitetyon:)


  2. mada Italia da you. Modottekitara renraku suru ne. Omiyage sagashiteruyon :)